The “photo a run” challenge

I am happy to share a great mission with you all today! Oliver at Run to Inspire is encouraging people to see the world around them with new eyes! Whether you run, walk, cycle, stroll, or just let your dogs out to pee in the morning, you can participate!

Find out more about Oliver and his awesome vision by visiting his website:

I became involved with this project because Oliver has asked me to use some of the photos that are submitted in my Crafts by Lindsay business. (I will share as soon as I get some art work done!)

All proceeds from art that is sold through this program will benefit the homeless in the Los Angeles area.

This is the second month of RunToInspire’s Photo-A-Run Challenge – here’s what it is about (in Oliver’s words!)

1. Before you go on your run (or walk, or jog, or as you cross the road to Starbucks) look at the title of the day, and then try to look for inspiration for that title in your surroundings.

2. When the moment takes you, snap the photo on your cell phone and upload it, I love Instagram (@RunToInspire) because it makes me feel like a real photographer for a second and you can make some gorgeous shots.

3. Tag it #RunToInspire #PhotoARun so runners from all over the world can find it.

4. The magic of your photo, making a difference happens soon – we are gonna try to turn the best of the results into art which we will sell (with your kind permission) to make a donation to a wonderful charity.. but more on that in the coming months

5. Search Instagram for ‘#photoarun’ or #runtoinspire and see what your community is running past, hit that heart button and write comments. This is a platform for runners, walkers and the like to share what we see when we’re doing what we love, it’s about bringing us closer together and making a small difference in this big planet.

Capture your run, and change the world.

“Nothing can be done except little by little.”-Charles Baudelaire



  1. wooohooo! I can’t wait to see the amazing things you make with these pics, and I think I found the charity I want to donate to – it’s a homeless youth organization… more details to follow 🙂

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