Remember that time I ran 26.2 miles?

Running a marathon is really awesome in a lot of ways. You feel accomplished and proud and other people think you’re a badass. But it can also suck.

Like any time after the marathon when you don’t feel like working out. Or doing anything at all. You just can’t stop yourself from saying “Really? You’ve run a marathon!”. It’s quite annoying really. Sometimes I just want to be mediocre. Sometimes I just want to quit early and head home.

But that is one thing that I have never been able to do. And I am choosing to use this to my advantage in many ways. One in particular is with my crafting business. It’s really hard to get out there and tell people about what you’re selling. But so was training for a marathon. There were times I doubted myself. There were times I cried and wanted to quit.

But I didn’t. And I won’t give up on my business either. It’s still so early, I have a long way to go but

So if you are interested, I am doing a give-away on my other blog! (It involves Ryan Gosling!) No you don’t get to meet him but you do get the chance to stare at his lovely face every day.



  1. About a week after my first marathon, I realized that nothing had really changed, I was still me, doing the same things, life just going on about it’s business- how unfair! I thought I was special but I’m not- HUMPH! And the only thing to do about that is… train for another marathon. 😉

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