Would you do it again?

As I predicted (and I’m sure everyone did) I am not really sure what to do with myself right now.


A few people have asked me if I would do it again and my answer is a resounding yes. But, I’ve been deliberating on what goal I would like to work toward next. So of course, I go to Josh for advice. As much as I love being married to a physical therapist. It also sucks. I’m sure most couples argue over money, chores or jealousy issues. Not us. We like to argue about fitness and nutrition.

Josh is so much more intelligent than me (I hope he never figures it out). I’ve talked about how I used to be a cardio queen. Until Josh finally convinced me of the benefit of strength training and proper eating. I saw some pretty great results early this year. But then I started training for a marathon. I just became absorbed with running and everything else just seemed so dull. I also didn’t want to risk being sore thus negatively affecting my pace.

But now I am at a crossroads. I was planning to let my body tell me what to do based on how beat up I was after 26.2. I have healed remarkably well from the marathon. I did a cycle workout Tuesday and I am planning to try out 2-3 miles tonight. I have no lingering soreness or knee pain. This means I can run more marathons right???

During our blow out argument over the proper workout plan for me in the future (by the way, during these arguments, Josh is right and I am wrong, I just don’t want to admit it) I told Josh “You’re not a runner, you don’t understand”. How cliche.

But I am struggling. It can be like an addiction. The guy who tattooed my foot last night was utterly baffled why anyone would voluntarily run that far. I told him I was utterly baffled why anyone would endure the pain of getting sleeves tattooed on their arm.

Yep, I got the tattoo and I love it!

But then I found myself just laughing and trying to change the subject because it’s hard for people to understand and honestly, I used to be “people”. Please stop asking us to justify what we do!!

But the point is, I should probably take time off. I should probably rest for a while. But the truth is I can’t. They call it “taper madness” but that is just an euphemism for “withdrawal”. It is straight up headaches, anxiety, depression, irritability, restlessness and more. And nobody deserves to be subjected to my irritability. I need to move. But more importantly, I need to move toward something. I just had to decide what…

So after days of contemplation I think I have decided….I am hooked on long distance running. I just love it and I can’t see myself giving it up. But, this doesn’t mean I have to be training for a marathon all the time. In fact, my body needs time to heal. So I have decided to work on some “trouble areas” and get back to strength training.


I have gotten so much better at replacing negative self-talk with positive and I do not hate my body. I do have a few areas I would like to improve though. As much as I would like to think that running helps keep my legs lean, they have gotten a little soft since I quit doing insanity. So I am going to start that up again…squats really are the best way to get a tight booty. I need to strengthen my legs and hips so that my knees will be stronger and when I am ready to run my next marathon, I will be in better shape.

“If a man should happen to reach perfection in this world, he would have to die immediately to enjoy himself.”-Josh Billings





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