A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?

I don’t know if anyone remembers this movie but I used to love it.

It’s focused on the issues that an interracial couple face. So in the movie, Ray Liotta’s mother tells him “A bird and a fish can fall in love, but where will they build their nest?”

I have no idea why this quote has stuck with me for so long but I often repeat it to Josh. We are total opposites. Which I believe is a good thing. But most recently, we have been having trouble planning meals around this house.

It doesn’t help that we are only home together a grand total of 2-3 nights a week. But mostly it stems from the fact that I am a runner. I like carbs. He is a lifter, he likes protein. It can be difficult to cook for people who have 2 very different goals. When we are together I try to cook for both of us. Josh can eat the exact same thing every day and not get bored. Or he gets bored, he just doesn’t care. I can’t do that. I have to mix it up everyday. I may be eating the same type of food, but I have to cook it differently or add different sides and what not.

But I also have a total lack of interest in cooking. There are so many things I’d rather be spending my time doing.  So I do my best to come up with dinner ideas for the both of us but usually we just end up eating out so we can both get what we need or eating separately. (and by separately I mean I get home and cook my dinner, eat it, and then cook his dinner so it’s ready when he gets home from reffing a football game.)

We make it work. But I can’t help but think of us as a bird and a fish living in some kind of weird bird nest converted to under water living space.

Meanwhile, my appetite is way off this week! I have cravings like crazy but I’m not exercising enough to feel any actual hunger. I have no idea if what I am eating or not eating is going to help me on Saturday. I have read several things that say it’s normal to not be hungry during the taper but it’s better to overeat than undereat. Which is not easy to do when you feel like a lazy slob.

I know the taper has its purpose. I know that resting will help me on Saturday. It’s just the normal madness of it I guess. I just want to run out the door and move and jump and yell to everyone “I’m running 26pointfreaking2!” But obviously, I don’t do that. Obviously, I just continue my life as normally as possible. Feverishly completing tasks at work and home to keep my mind occupied.

“Consider the hour-glass; there is nothing to be accomplished by rattling or shaking; you have to wait patiently until the sand, grain by grain, has run from one funnel into the other.”-John Christian Morgenstern



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