So, I admit…I was a little worried about gaining weight while training for a marathon. You have to eat a lot to fuel the runs and sometimes, runners eat too much because hey, I burned 2000 calories this morning! I can eat a whole pizza!

But the problem is when you want to eat like that every day. Like during a taper week when you’re not exercising very much. Like me this week!!!

I love Halloween! It’s one of my favorite holidays, I love costumes and when grown adults can have fun and act like kids again! I also LOVE candy!


But since I am running 26.2 this weekend, I have been trying to be very good…I have a very sensitive stomach and I have to be so careful about what I eat. So many things give me bloating, gas or indigestion and I DO NOT want to be dealing with any of those on Saturday.

Meanwhile, I mentioned a long time ago about how I always have dreams about big events. Dreams where I show up in the wrong clothes, or I forgot to get ready or I am trying to get there and just can’t so I miss the whole thing. So far, I haven’t had one about the marathon. Which is weird but I am not complaining about sleeping well, it’s pretty rare for me.

But today is Halloween (in case you didn’t know) and I can’t guarantee I will get anything done at work today. We are passing out candy and hosting a costume contest. I pretty much copped out and dressed as myself

A marathon runner! The back of my shirt says will run for pizza…which is more true than I’d like to admit…

“Let not turn fun into mischief”- Proverb




  1. This was a huge problem for me at one point! I was running 30 miles a week pretty consistently so it didn’t matter what I ate, then it got muggy, I stopped running, and kept eating. Woops! Good luck this weekend, the naked dream will come, so be ready : )

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