9 days

It is 9 days until I run a marathon. It doesn’t feel like it though because I haven’t been doing anything. My knee took a few days but it is better now but my sinus infection has made exercising seem like torture. So mostly I just sit breathing through my mouth because that’s about all I can handle right now.

But, when my marathon packet came in the mail the other day I was reminded of what is to come.

I am not freaking out though. I am doing what I can, resting, Zicam-ing, and praying that congestion does not spread to my chest. To keep me occupied I have been trying to decide on the tattoo to get after the marathon is over.

A while back, Josh suggested I get one of those 26.2 bumper stickers. I said “No! I hate bumper stickers! They permanently damage and deface your car! I think I will get a tattoo though…”

I know, I know…Makes no sense at all! But I always told myself (way before I actually decided running a marathon was something I wanted to do) that if I ever did it, I would get a tattoo on my foot to commemorate it.

So I am trying to decide…skinny, medium or fat font?

I have already decided that it will be on the outside of my left foot. (Not the right one because my other tattoo is on my right wrist and I don’t want to look off balance. Also, with all the problems my right leg gives me, they may have to amputate that thing one day so it’s best to get the tattoo on the left side).

“Your body is a temple, but how long can you live in the same house before you redecorate?”  ~Author Unknown



  1. I’m planning on getting a tattoo now too! Instead of a bumper sticker, I got a magnet, so it stays on without damaging your car!

    Hope you feel better!

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