Hello sinus infection

It was bound to happen. I mean, it’s the law of marathon training right? You have to get sick at least once during training. I am not even upset right now because I’m in the taper! I got all my long runs under my belt and I was only planning to run a few easy miles over the next 2 weeks anyway. I am not going to miss out on any huge gains. So I will enjoy the rest, and enjoy a few extra hours of sleep this week.

Doesn’t change the fact that being sick sucks though. When I had guillain-barre, I had to check in to the hospital and receive immunoglobulins through an IV. It was basically a huge boost for my immune system. It helped my body fight off the guillain-barre and I didn’t get sick for a whole year after that!

I kind of wish I could just get that treatment every year.

But considering that my bill for that week long hospital stay was over $135,000…probably I should just take the sinus infection and move on. (My insurance covered almost all of that bill by the way…)

But at least now I have a good reason to enforce my bubble of personal space.

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”-Elbert Hubbard


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  1. HOLY MOLY, so much money!! What IV could possibly cost that much, its a scam I tell you. They probably charged your insurance compy $135 and then they lied to you so you would be like wow my insurance company is da bomb. Con artists!!!! Feel better : )

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