Honored hero 20 miler

Beware readers! I’m about to take a trip to negative town…forgive me..

This run SUCKED. I hated this run. (Not the race, it was lovely and for a great cause) I’m talking about all the circumstances that worked together to make my life miserable for 3 hours.
15-20 mile an hour wind gusts
85 degree weather
Now, I can work with one of those things and maybe even two on a good day but all 3 for a 20 mile run??

I couldn’t help but compare myself to that pregnant woman who just loves being pregnant. She may experience a few of the typical side effects but for the most part, she has that adorable little bump and an envious glow. That’s what my marathon training experience has been like so far. Probably some of you wanted to slap me but rest assured…nature took care of that for you.

I am home now. I have been basically covered in ice all afternoon. My face is sunburned (who packs sunscreen in late october?) and wind burned. My right leg feels like I took a meat tenderizer to it and so does my ego.

I just didn’t have the right mindset for this race. I couldn’t get over the negative thoughts in my head. I hate to end my last long run on this note. With only 2 weeks until marathon, I miss you 16 miler!!

3:37 with a 10:41 pace



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