My eye won’t stop twitching!

I like to think that I handle stress pretty well. I try my best to keep my emotions in check and since I tend to hold stuff in running is really good therapy for me. But, there is only so much I can handle before my body resorts to some weird stuff to cope with the stress. Earlier this semester my face broke out and I got a huge pimple! This week, my eye has been twitching constantly. It’s so annoying!

It’s probably just my own illusion that I keep my self under control. I bet I look more like this lately:

Sorry coworkers!!

I have been teaching a University Studies course and the topic this week is stress! I took the same stress test that they had to and this was my result:

Not too bad, but still more than I’d like to have.

This got me thinking…I am standing there telling the students to make a little time for themselves every week and I myself have not been doing that. I mean running, of course, is me time but I am talking about making time to actually relax and unwind.

So Monday I took a hot bath and used my bath scrub, last night I worked on an art project. I feel better but my eye is still twitching. It’s probably the LONG list of things I have to do now that we are moving to St. Louis. I started putting a few numbers down and realized that I was giving up health insurance to move. Which means I have to secure individual health care for myself.

“Once I’m gone I cannot look back 
I’ve got to trust this is right 
Maybe I’m on my way to find you 
Maybe I’m gonna make the mistake of my life “

“Mistake of My Life” by Caedmon’s Call on the album Long Line of Leavers


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