It’s not whether you have time, it’s whether you make time

Marathon training, as I am sure you can imagine, is very time consuming. It varies from week to week (and gets higher as your long runs get longer) but I thought I would do my best to generalize how much time I devote to anything marathon related in a typical week.

Time spent actually running-5 hours
Planning playlists-2 hours
Planning routes-1 hour
Organizing/preparing for runs-1 hour
Blogging about running-4 hours
Icing, stretching-2 hours
Planning/preparing healthy meals-5 hours
Shopping for/buying running equipment-1 hour

Like a kid in a candy store…

Cross training-4 hours
Thinking about running-ALL THE TIME!

So out of 168 hours of my week I spend about 25 on things related to marathon training. That’s a part time job!!

“You must never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.”-Charles Buxton



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