“Whatsnot” so great about fall

So I thought I was super excited that fall was here. And then I realized I’m not. I forgot how windy it gets this time of year and how the wind makes my nose run. This morning I had a snot bubble while running which was then immediately blown back on to my face by the wind. Eeeew. Running isn’t glamorous ya’ll.

Besides the wind and snot issue, I’ve been having a really hard time finding a good time to run since I am not necessarily a fan of running in the dark. In the summer the sun rises early so  I could get 10 miles in before I had to be to work. The sun isn’t rising until almost 7:30 right now. Many times, by the time I am done with work I only have about an hour of daylight left (plus I’m just tired at the end of the day).

I’ve been pushing through and trying to get my runs in after work but I am considering becoming someone who runs in the dark. (since anything over 2 miles is NOT an option on the treadmill).

I have reflective arm/ankle bands and I wear white and all that but I still find that cars come dangerously close to me when I am running in the dark. Besides that, remember how I told you I am afraid of everything? Below is a picture of actual remains found by me on one of my routes

I don’t want that to be me!!

A friend of mine told me she knows someone who uses a head lamp and really likes it. I could see why, I don’t like not knowing where my feet are. I could step in dog poo or roll my ankle on a rock.

Any suggestions for running safely in the dark?

“Man dies of cold, not of darkness.”- Miguel de Unamuno




  1. I see people running through town with headlights all the time. It freaks me out at first because all I see is a bobbing light, but then I realize it’s attached to a human and then I’m all, “PHEW!” because it’s not aliens.

  2. Holy mollie! That’s creepy that you found those remains! You know I am not a fan of running in the dark either, but when it is all said and done if I have to do it, I prefer to do it early in the morning vice at night because there is more people running (at least where I live). I also take my phone (just in case) and I have a pepper spray that fits in the palm of my hand. But the one thing I do not do is put on headphones when its dark. Stay alert, stay alive!

  3. I have totally been considering a headlamp for my early morning dog walks (since there are NO streetlights where I live and the sun is rising later and later), wonder if it would get super sweaty on a run though…
    One thing I do walk with though is a bike light clipped to the top of my waistband. It has about 5 settings: Continuous on and various nauseating pulses (not a problem for me if its at my back). If I am facing oncoming traffic I wear in the front instead.

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