Plano Balloon Festival 1/2 Marathon

I am so glad I picked this race as my first 1/2 marathon! It was so fun to see the balloons in the air and the course was much more interesting than the west Texas flatlands. I was sprinting to the finish and didn’t see my exact finish time but I think it was somewhere around the 2:11 mark.

This is the picture of me sprinting to the finish.
I think it’s weird that it doesn’t really look like I am working that hard…

I would have LOVED to finish this race under 2 hours but my actual goal was 2:15 so I am glad I beat that. It got pretty warm when the sun came out and I had a hard time keeping my energy up because of it. But overall, I had a great time! I was so disappointed when I got done and found out that I had forgotten to charge the camera so Josh wasn’t able to take as many pictures as usual. Between the two of us, we had a few that we managed to snap on our phones.

Me trying to smile right after I finished. It is a definite forced smile…Notice my garmin says I burned about 1600 calories. It was a “feed me seymour” kind of day!

I went ahead and feasted at one my favorite restaurants, On the Border.

I think I could literally eat queso on everything every day for the rest of my life. ( I totally meant to take pictures of what I ate but I was so hungry I just…didn’t. I stole that picture from a website offering coupons for On the Border.)

Anyway, I really like the medal for this race!

The drive home…not so much. After Tuesday, I am tired of being in my car!! I was so bored I just wanted to be home so I could rest! I offered to drive so Josh could study. I was furious when a rock got thrown up and hit my windshield!

But my anger was broken when I looked over at Josh’s textbook and saw these pictures (for REAL people, this is a doctoral program for Physical Therapists)

Well that and the fact that we had to keep rolling down the windows because our dog Miri would NOT stop farting!!

Happy Monday!

“One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills.” Earl Wilson



  1. What a cool race! Our Balloon Fiesta and our big marathon are within a week of each other, but I always thought it would be cool if they were coordinated.

    AND CONGRATULATIONS on your first half and for coming in under your goal time!

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