Dog on a leash

I just can’t help my little self. I am a planner. I have to plan everything. I try not to let this intense need annoy or affect other people. But I make lists, I color code things, I arrange things by category and I have to be in control.

That’s why weight loss and  marathon training have worked well for me so far. I like to sit down and make plans. Plus, there’s a lot of free information out there to help you make your plans. It is not hard to find weekly training schedules on the internet. Just adapt them to your life and there you go…You’re training for a marathon.

But what about life choices. I don’t always feel so in control when it comes to making decisions about when to go back to school, what exactly to get my degree in, when to buy a house, where to settle down. These decisions are not so black and white. I cannot google search “beginner life plan”.

I struggle with this because I want to be in control. I want to be the one making the decisions. I don’t always feel that’s true.

Long ago I came across an interesting analogy. I think it was a handout from Sunday School or something. But it brought up the idea of walking your dog on a leash. Sometimes the dog gets the leash wrapped around a pole. The dog thinks it knows how to do it, he just starts pulling on the leash really hard trying to keep going in the same direction. You know better. You try to pull the dog in the opposite direction he wants to go so that the leash can get unwrapped from the pole. The dog struggles against you and the leash but once he gives in to you, the leash is untangled and you continue on your way.

I think I may be the dog on the leash right now.



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