Ladies and gentlemen, behold! 2 of the most notorious stress causing situations going head to head. Both vying for upmost attention and deference, who will prevail??

In the first corner, he loves to surprise you with early morning appointments and late night commitments, never leaving time to eat, he is the world famous Outlook Calendar from Hell!

In the second corner, the not as popular but still a force to be reckoned with, misleading you with just how much of a time commitment he is we have Marathon Training!

Stay tuned to see if marathon training will conquer the 60 hour work week and reach at least 25 miles by Sunday…

“We never shall have any more time than we have, and we have always had all the time there is. “-Thomas A. Bennett


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  1. Yuck. 60 hours is a lot of hours. I had a busy couple of work weeks, and I pretty much had to put running on the back burner, so I understand how you feel! Good luck!

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