Compress to impress

I have been avoiding trying out compression anything. Mostly because the stuff is so darn expensive. HOWEVER, I did tell ya’ll that I  convinced Josh to buy me an awesome pair of under armour pants a couple weeks ago.

$50 at Academy

I really just wanted them because they are black and lime green. I didn’t realize they were compression until I started trying them on. I have read several other blogs about compression socks and everyone seems pretty happy with them. I just didn’t want to get hooked because then I would want to spend even more money on running gear. Better than spending it on nachos I guess…

I have worn these pants for several runs now and I am convinced. A true believer.Compression is where it’s at! My legs do not feel near as tired or fatigued, especially during long runs. I LOVE THESE PANTS!! I think they will be in shreds by the time my marathon comes because I wear them and wash them so many times a week! Totally worth the $50.

The basic idea behind compression clothing is that they increase venous return to the heart. I don’t know if that’s what’s going on or if it’s a placebo effect, but either way works for me. I’m running much faster in compression pants! Besides, I think they make my booty look pretty awesome. I ran with them yesterday and a dude passed by me and gave me the “hand gun” motion with his hand. I am totally attributing that to the compression pants. Smiley

There is conflicting information out there about compression gear so I guess it depends on the study and the person.

“If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late.”-James Goldsmith



  1. Got the compression socks and pants and have worn them for most of my running life, so can’t even remember what running is like without them (actually bought them more to prevent thigh chafing early on) but just read a blog post that swears by compression sleeves. Although probably beneficial, I’m wondering whether that’s a bridge too far…

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