I fell through a patio deck funniest home videos style and all I got was this ugly bruise

Yeah that thing is ugly. It’s on my back and I have a couple on my knees as well. Trusting an ancient, flimsy deck rail to hold you up is not the best way to start off a vacation….We hadn’t even been there 20 minutes! And if it had been on video it just might have made it on to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Except I was holding my 6 month old nephew at the time which made this not funny at all. Luckily, I fell straight back (a trust fall fail) so he was totally cushioned by my body. He was definitely scared, but not a scratch. Josh says I protected him tight-end style (a football reference I don’t get).

ANYWAY, I still managed to have a lovely time, despite the minor concussion.

I spent time playing with my sweet nephews

Josh caught a fish!

I didn’t wear makeup or fix my hair!

It was glorious. I was sad I didn’t get a chance to go running (because I was concussed and had whiplash from falling off the deck). But looking back, a few days off was just what I needed.

“Work is a part of life, not the point of it.”-Sean Adams 


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