A girl can dream

As I have gotten older, I have begun to realize that I am a dreamer. I am interested in so many things and have so much I want to learn or accomplish in my life. And since the other half of me is super organized, I felt the need to list these things one day. So here it is, my list.

A list of things I would do if money, skill, and the other restraints of life were of no trouble:

1.       Take a tour of the world

2.       Take a tour of the universe

3.       Compose an album of songs I wrote and sang on the piano

4.       Publish a candid memoir of my experiences with Zoloft and body image

5.       Spend a day with Jewel

6.       Open a shop where I sell my paintings, poetry, and vintage items

7.       Own a lakehouse

8.       Have my own home built

9.       Sew my own clothes

10.    Do my own home repairs and installations

11.    Ride on an elephant

12.    Pet a tiger

13.    Scuba dive in the ocean

14.    Invent something

15.    Be on a dance team

16.    Compete in a triathalon

17.    Have all my unwanted body hair removed

18.    Compete on american idol

19.    Be on MTV’s real world

20.    Ride in a submarine

21.    Touch a live whale and dolphin in the ocean

22.    Play cello

I made this list at the beginning of my weight loss journey. I find it interesting that “compete in a triathalon” is on there but not “run a marathon”.



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