CrossFit Fail

So as you saw from my previous posts, I had to work the whole weekend. It’s not my favorite thing, but I realize it comes with the job. So Friday morning, Josh asks me to join him for the CrossFit workout of the day. Laying in bed at 7am I am seriously considering just staying there. I don’t need to work out, I have to work all weekend!

But I don’t want to seem “scared” of a little CrossFit. So I get out of bed and join Josh at the gym. Here’s what we did:

10 minute warm up
10 minute stretch
Leg Press 180 lbs (3 reps every minute for 15 minutes)
150 wall ball shots
2 minutes hollow holds

This is an image of a wall ball shot from the Seven Cities Cross Fit blog. You have to squat and then come up and toss the ball up on the wall, catch it and squat again.

from the Daily Herald website, an example of a Hollow Hold. Needless to say, my form was not this awesome.

I agreed to this because I don’t want Josh to think I can’t hang with him in the gym. I just ran 10 miles yesterday, I’m in shape right? I work out!


This workout destroyed my legs. I wobbled around all day on Friday and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I literally could not walk right. I couldn’t do simple, yet necessary, daily tasks such as peeing and getting in and out of my car. It was embarrassing. Thank goodness I had some time at home on Saturday afternoon because I was bedridden.

Pretty much me when I didn’t have to work…

I don’t think I’ve ever been that sore in my life. MAYBE the first time I worked out after gaining so much weight, but I don’t remember lying in bed all day because I couldn’t move. It was a miserable weekend. I was probably a little bit of a baby about the whole thing (sorry Josh). I just HATE being sore. I get weepy when I’m sick too. I just don’t like to feel bad, not that anyone does. Today, I am still pretty sore but I am at least able to walk without limping.

Lesson of the day: CrossFit is legit ya’ll.

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” M Kathleen Casey


  1. Oh, yes I agree!!! When I did Crossfit I couldn’t walk for a week. I realized that Crossfit and running aren’t really feasible for me because CF is so intense. I like to incorporate some of the CF exercises but in a less crazy way so I can still run and not be crazy sore haha

  2. Wow good for you! Crossfit is so intimidating to me right now. Sometimes feeling sore feels so good though – you just know that you accomplished something great.

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