Feed me seymour!

My long runs have been going really well lately! I dread them all week and they are hard as hell to get through but when I am done I feel like a beast! I haven’t been keeping much of a tally on them but I thought I would give some updates on the past few weeks considering that this blog is supposed to be tracking my marathon training progress!

LOTS of calorie burning!

Remember those movies you watched as a kid and had no idea what they were about, you just found them entertaining? Little Shop of Horrors was one of those for me. I even remember one day telling my older sister that Little Shop of Horrors was on tv. But I was pretty young and not quite proficient with pronouncing the word horrors. She thought I said something else very similar to that and burst out laughing. But anyway, to this day when I am really hungry (which is a lot lately) I say “feed me Seymour!”. (you have to see the movie…)

The absolute BEST part about marathon training is all the eating!! I get to eat all the time. (mostly healthy)


Especially after a long run. I am starving!

Me on long run day

Maybe this perk will play into my decision to keep training…Because let’s face it…I have a hard time saying no to food.

“I am not a glutton — I am an explorer of food.”-Erma Bombeck 



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