Welcome home…now get out

I don’t post too much personal stuff on this blog because it’s focused mainly on my marathon training but this is what’s on my mind today so here ya go.

My husband came home this weekend! He was so sweet and surprised me on Friday night. I wasn’t expecting him until Saturday. Which kind of ruined the surprise I had planned for him, but I was just glad to have him home! He has been living 4 hours away for the past 10 weeks on a clinical for physical therapy school. We made it about 12 hours in reunited bliss. Saturday morning he went to a football official’s clinic and I stayed home and cleaned the house. First thing he did when he got home…track grass all over the freshly swept and vacuumed floors. We argued about what to eat, what not to eat. What to buy, what not to buy. Where to go, where not to go.

I’m sure the feeling is mutual


Saturday night I posted a facebook status that said “The hardest part about not living with your husband for 10 weeks…moving back in with your husband after 10 weeks”. While we were apart, we developed our own habits. Even within the short 10 weeks. I got into a routine with my training and meal plan. He did the same. Now merging those two lives again…Well it’s pretty much like reliving the first year of marriage (AGAIN).

We will survive, we always do. But it does not make this adjustment easy. But that is the same thing I say about marathon training.




  1. You have to learn to live with each other again, literally and figuratively. My husband travels a lot for work and is gone about half of every month. I definitely miss him when he’s gone but it’s like I completely forget about his annoying habits while he’s gone, and they’re always back with a vengeance when he returns. Sometimes I ask him: “When are you leaving again?” Haha

    1. I know! Last night he was playing an iphone game in bed while I was trying to sleep. I told him that while he was gone, I’d fall asleep wishing he was there…but right then I really wished he’d move it to the living room!!! Funny how that works…

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