Poached egg recipe

I mentioned that I have been eating a lot of eggs lately. I like to eat them all different ways and this is something my granny taught me to make. She would get up and cook this for us grandkids every morning when we stayed with her. It is one of my favorite post workout meals!


3 eggs
1 slice of toast
salt and pepper

Depending on your taste, soft, medium, or hard boil the eggs. I do medium because I like the yolk to be runny but the white to be hard.

I use my egg cooker that I got from my MOH when I got married. Best gift ever! That way I can cook the eggs and put on makeup or whatever at the same time.

Cut up the slice of toast and put it in a bowl

When the eggs are done, cut them in half and scoop out the inside (cool them off in cold water first or you will burn the crap out of your fingers!)

Mix it all up and add salt and pepper to taste!

Depending on the type of bread you buy and how many eggs you add (you could do only 2) this recipe has about 300 calories.

“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero



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