You gotta be kidding me…

Yesterday I made a joke about coming down with something this week because I am at a peak in my running performance. I was really hoping it wouldn’t happen. I really believed that I could make it through this week without a problem. It didn’t work out for me.

This is my face right now

It started on Saturday. I was feeling congested and a little stuffy. But I figured it was the 110% humidity at the Dallas World Aquarium. Later that night, I felt a little nauseous but I figured it was because I was STARVING and I had let my stomach get too empty.

Sunday afternoon the back of my neck started to ache. It does that sometimes ever since I had guillain-barre. The muscles on the back of my head seem to be stretching in opposite directions and it makes my entire skull ache. But whatev, nothing a good massage from my husband and some froyo can’t fix.

What sucks is the pleurisy in my lung. I have been getting them periodically since I had guillain-barre. I am not sure if it is related or not but they suck. Though they are annoying, they do not interfere with my day to day too much. Sometimes they last a day, sometimes they last a few days. I started to feel this one on Sunday and I still have it this morning.

In case you’re curious:

I am fascinated by how our first instinct is to hold an injury. When I bang my elbow, I hold it. When my head aches, I hold it. But what can you do when you have a sharp pain behind your boob?! It can get awkward…

The weird thing about my pleurisy is that I did not feel it yesterday during my morning run. I woke up feeling fine, thinking that it had gone away. I did my run as usual and went to work. But as the day went on, I started to feel worse and worse. It does seem to come and go. At this point I am not sure if I should just continue as normal or put myself on bed rest until it goes away…

Anyway, I am choosing not to be upset by this. It will happen, I will get over it. But I am beginning to wonder if evil forces are at work to sabotage my running achievements…

“One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it.”-Proverb 



  1. Sorry to hear about your lungs. I can empathize with having asthma since I understand how frustrating it is to have lung issues. On an unrelated note, sometimes I get a sudden, sharp pain in my lungs (like a weird cramp), but I don’t know what the cause is from. It kind of feels like my lung is stuck to my rib or something. Pretty much I’m hunched over sideways until the cramp passes (lasts only a few seconds), but its annoying and I never know when it will happen until it hits me!

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