Speed Work

When I go out running, I like to walk first. I am not that girl that walks out the door and just starts jogging. No. I need time to loosen up and get warm. I need time to focus and get my mind in the right place. So my pace is pretty high because of that. I usually average 10:30-11:00 minute miles on my long runs.

My husband challenged me to track a run after the warm up to see what my actual running pace was. I took him up on it.

I walked a mile to get warmed up then used Map My Run to go 2 miles. I went as hard as I could (without getting a cramp) and did not stop to walk. Not sprinting, but pushing myself. By like 1.5 I was dying and wanted to stop (this is why they tell you to NOT go all out at the beginning of the race). But I felt happy with the results.

Considering that I never thought of myself as a “runner” it feels really good to see how far I have come. I wish I had kept track of my running when I first started so I could compare but I didn’t because I never dreamed I would come this far.

“You’re the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for it.”-Earvin Magic Johnson



  1. Love it!! Thats fabulous!

    I do speed work once a week just to keep me pushing myself to get a little faster. My comfortable pace is just under 11:45 pace, but my speed work pace varies between a 10:53 pace to a 10min pace. It hurts so good. 🙂

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