injury vs. side effect

Lately, I have been complaining a lot about my knee. Ever since I ran the 10 mile race in April it has been bothering me off and on. I have been doing the RICE thing and my husband is helping me strengthen my hip muscles. But I guess I am just having a hard time deciphering between injury and side effect.

You hear all about the battle scars of marathon runners. I have been lucky enough to avoid black toenails thus far. I have had a blister or two. Sometimes I get this really annoying cramp in my side. But I see these as side effects of running. They don’t stop me from training. I treat them and move on.

When it comes to my knee I am much more cautious. I do not want to risk a serious injury. But I don’t want to be a weenie either!! It is not painful really. Just doesn’t feel right. Like it needs to pop. It is very difficult to explain and my husband gets frustrated with me but you can imagine how frustrated I am!

So when I feel it, I have been taking it easy for a day or two and it helps. But it seems to make the training slow. Maybe that’s the best way after all.



  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day! Appreciate it!

    Anyway, my knee and foot hurt during last year’s marathon training so I went to see a doctor who told me to shorten my stride. I tried it out for a few days and the pain was gone. Try counting your strides as you run normally, then try to shorten your stride and increase your stride rate (more steps per minute). It’s super hard at first because you feel like you’re taking baby steps and have to actively think about running, but it works! Running Times has a good explanation for why less strides=more pain

    Other than that, rest, ice and stretch! Let me know if you try it out! Happy training!

  2. Did you see my recent post ‘Uggg…I decided to call a specialist’? I’ve been having on/off knee problems for the last month and a half. They took xrays today and the doctor bent, twisted, prodded etc… and everything thing seems normal (no tears), but he thinks I have a moderate hamstring strain (low near the knee and therefore causing knee pain because my body is compensating). The stiffness has to do with the injury and he noticed I am less flexible in my right leg than my left. He thinks this might have contributed to the injury. I will be going to physical therapy next week, mostly for stretching exercises, but also for some strength training. It’s been hectic because I drove to my parents house early (was planning on visiting Sunday-following Sunday) to be seen by a specialist asap (rather than waiting till I got back). I’m glad its nothing more serious.
    If you have insurance that covers this, I suggest going straight to an orthopedic specialist. More for peace of mind and if you do physical therapy you should be back sooner than if not. I am still allowed to cross train, but not run until after a few PT sessions. So my total time ‘out of commission’ will probably be 1.5 weeks.
    Could be worse. At least I have an excuse to go to the pool and do more gym biking!!!
    I will write a post about my orthopedic visit tomorrow and document my PT session when I go on Tuesday 🙂
    Good luck!!

    1. yes I did see your post and I was wondering how the appt went! Glad it’s nothing too serious! Luckily my husband is about to graduate from PT school so he has been a HUGE help! He checks me out and gives me lots of exercises to do =) Hope that knee gets to feeling better!

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