Doubt, Preparedness, and Dog Speed Walking

This morning I learned that I can run about as fast as a dog speed walking Smiley
During my long run, I passed a couple walking their dog. He was not on a leash and was casually trotting in front of the couple. It took me a while to pass him because his speed walking pace was about the same as my running but he’s a dog right?! He’s supposed to be faster than me! Sorry totally random and not really all that related to what I’m writing about today…

Lately, I have been having a lot of doubt in myself. I just feel like I’ve been stuck going 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I literally have no idea why I keep ending up sick every few weeks but it has been putting major set backs in my training. It makes the runs hard. When they are hard I start to doubt myself and think about how hard the run is. A few weeks ago, I talked about running being my cocaine. Running just hasn’t been all that enjoyable the past few weeks and I have just been searching for that high. I was starting to feel like giving up…Until this morning.

I had a GREAT run!

It was my farthest training distance ever (7.59 miles) but because I put several things in place, it turned out to feel good!

I carbed up yesterday
I got a good, full night’s sleep
I woke up super early to hit the road before the sun came up
I prepared a route in which I could make a water pit stop
I used Sport Beans (which seem to work really well for me so far)
I created a special playlist with my fave songs right now

It worked! I was able to not think about how much the run sucked and get to the point where it didn’t suck! Does that even make sense?! Probably not.

But I took a few seconds to take a picture of the sky this morning

Does anyone else think of the Neverending story when they see pink fluffy clouds?


Lesson learned:

And also

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.”-Henry Ford




  1. While I haven’t been sick, but I do have ‘injury baggage’ from years of soccer (sprained ankle twice, knee issues etc…), so I’ve been frustrated when I can’t run well from some sort of joint pain. Ugh for body issues! For example, my knee was acting up a little yesterday so I took 2 Aleeve, ran slowly (instead of interval run day), did some knees/ankle strengthening, iced everything and I am taking off today completely (instead of doing cross training). Tomorrow I will just see how I feel and take it from there.

    I believe you can get through this. Nobody ever said training for long distances was easy. Probably why we are part of the elite group of people who do this. Estimated that less than 1% of Americans participate in these things. So, keep it up!

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