A girl can dream

I would do anything for a skinny vanilla latte and an old fashioned doughnut right now! However, a nasty stomach flu is preventing me from enjoying much food this week (without consequences that is). So I must only dream…

Happy weekend to all you lucky people who, unlike me, don’t have to work on Saturday!

“If a man could have half of his wishes, he would double his troubles.”- Benjamin Franklin



  1. I love the skinny vanillas! I have never even thought to put them on ice though! Brilliant! If you can’t tell I pretty much never go to Starbucks… I find like one drink I like and stick to it when Other people are buying hahah

  2. To save 50 cents, I will get a regular skinny latte and add the vanilla powder they have at the coffee station (in a jar near nutmeg and cinnamon). I frequent starbucks after my birthday and after christmas because I end up getting a starbucks card or two 😉 otherwise like you, I’d spend a lot getting lattes!

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