Cut up the credit card!

Last week I promised myself a new workout top if I followed my workout/eating plan. In my fairly small town there aren’t many specialty sports stores. So while in the big city last weekend I went shopping…

I absolutely LOVE Lululemon!! Their tops are pre-shrunk and super long which is awesome for a tall girl like me.

However, I HATE their prices!

Smiley I’m pretty sure this was my face when I saw that price tag.

I firmly believe that if I have to work so hard to earn my money I should be able to spend it! But, I am still on a budget here people. So I did not get a workout top from Lululemon. I went to Luke’s Locker and got 2 workout tops for the price of one Lululemon. My husband tells me that if I start winning these races then I can use the money to buy more running gear. He’s so clever…

“Riches are for spending.” -Francis Bacon



  1. Lululemon’s stuff is so cute but I can’t rationalize spending that much on stuff that I am going to destroy with my sweat. Haha There’s a New Balance outlet near my parent’s house so I try to go when I’m there. I can get a good quality tech t for like $12 – $15 or shorts for around $20!

  2. Yes I too love Lululemon and jealously eye those in my flow yoga class who are in head to toe lululemon. Being a grad student, I can’t afford that either! I go to Ross/TJMaxx/Marshalls for cheaper athletic wear. I can find (it has to do with luck because its all about overstock) underarmor, champion, adidas, nike, and other brand name clothing there (for much cheaper prices!). Anywhere from $10-25/top, $15-20 for shorts and $20-40 for capris/pants.

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