Time to step it up

During yesterday’s long run, I realized it’s time to step it up. Not in distance, but in preparedness. When I was training for my 10 mile race the longest run I had was a little over 7 miles. Unfortunately, I began experiencing some different problems which forced me to slow down in my training for a bit. When I ran the 10 miles, I was not physically ready to do it so that caused more problems.

Anyway, I am finally feeling better. I have been taking this marathon training really slow to avoid injury. Yesterday was a 6 mile training run. Excluding the WW10K, the last time I ran that far was the dead of winter. (If you can really say that we have winter here in Texas)

Running in winter and running in summer are two very different things. I could come home from a 6 mile run in January and barely be thirsty or feel that I had exerted myself that much. 6 miles in Texas heat is a completely different story.

Yesterday, I felt like I was wearing a weighted body suit the whole time I was running, I just couldn’t get myself to feel light and energetic. I can’t lie, it was a crappy run.

I did see a rabbit though…

Back to the point…I need to start hydrating during my runs. From now on, just running out the door with only my ipod is not an option. I need to take care of myself!

Any suggestions for cool (affordable) running gear like handheld water bottles and stuff?

“The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass.” -Martin Mull



  1. I feel you!! I did 6 miles yesterday too and it was 98 degrees and I felt like a strong breeze could blow me over by the time I got to the shower! I don’t run with water though! Most likely never will but nice job getting the run done!

  2. I didn’t run outside today because it was supposed to be 90degrees. So I took it to the treadmill. I think your 11min time is good!! Speed will come as you continue to work.

    How does one make themselves feel light and energetic while running? I don’t think I’ve gotten that far yet.

  3. A couple things you might try:
    1. Run when it is cool (if possible wherever you live), before the sun comes up.
    2. Hydration: I have a Nathan fuel pack, running with water in the pack will take time to build up to since the sloshing around my waist is distracting. I might get a water bottle sleeve for my waist pack bottles to see if that is better. Anyway, as far as hand held water bottles go, I have seen them at REI around $20 or less. If you are worried about the weight, try running with it empty, then half full. See how it goes. Try switching hands if it gets weird on one side. I did just blog about the gear I use today 🙂
    3. ‘bad run’: yes we all have those. it feels like my legs are lead and my body is sluggish. boo to that.

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