Ketchup on my eggs

As hard as it is to accept…I realize I do not know everything. I have so much to learn in all aspects of life. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was in order to lose weight…I had to eat. CRaZy right?! In the beginning, I was purely concerned with calories. The make up of food was of no concern to me. It worked for a while. But as I saw my body changing I wanted to keep progressing. I wanted to tone up and become more muscular (which most women are afraid of).

Now, I am not trying to be a body builder here but who doesn’t enjoy the look of a hard, muscular body?

So thanks to my husband’s immense knowledge I began drinking whey protein shakes after strength training. I also combined that with some simple switches in my diet which included more protein:

toast, bagels, cereal—–replaced with eggs (scrambled, fried, poached, hard boiled, am I sounding like Bubba from Forrest Gump right now?) I eat A LOT of eggs!

I will probably eat all of these eggs within the next 2 weeks (by myself)!

Does anyone else eat ketchup on their eggs?

pbj sandwiches—–replaced with oatmeal and turkey wraps

snack size bags of anything—–replaced with almonds and nuts

sausage and red meat—–replaced with turkey and chicken

I am not a fish eater so I don’t do that but I have still seen some HUGE changes with just these simple switches.

2011 arm…Still in the process of losing weight.
1 year before I started using protein and weight lifting regularly .

My arm now after 6 months of protein and regular (heavy) weight lifting.
5lb dumbells ain’t gonna do it ladies…



I don’t spend hours lifting, drink weird mixes or eat pounds of fish. Just simple protein changes and about an hour of arm weight lifting a week total. I will share my protein shake recipe soon!

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” (so are arms!)



  1. Check out those guns! I also had a similar shift of food thinking last year and I was amazed at the difference! We now have a pretty protein based diet (I hate fish too but I force it down once a week). And I have no idea why women are afraid of toning up. It makes no sense to me.

    1. Oh my husband already knows that if Ryan Gosling ever comes on to me…I can’t be held responsible for any decisions made thereafter…JK JK My family always put ketchup on their eggs, I didn’t realize it was weird until I was older and a friend told me so. haha!

  2. I add cheese to my eggs! Not too weird but definitely tastes nice. Some people do salsa.

    I eat a lot of eggs (but not always with cheese)! And whey protein shakes are actually pretty tasty! I can’t eat 100 calorie packs because they don’t satisfy my hunger – protein does! And added benefit of muscle gain – boom !

    Ps your biceps look amazing!

  3. Awesome progress!! And I will eat ketchup on anything! I make sure to do the organic / natural / no added sugar / sodium ones though. You can also swap out the protein shakes for yogurt!

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