Cross Training with Cycle

I’ve been doing a lot of cycling lately while my knee has been healing. I can’t always make it to a class so I created some routines of my own based off this website. There are a lot of different routines on there and many have a playlist that goes with it.

Last Friday, I had to be to work earlier than usual so I crawled out of bed super early

I went to the health club to get some cycling done. After I got all set up I realized that something was wrong with the electricity in the room . The overhead lights were on, but none of the fans which plug into the wall would turn on. AHH! I hate to get super sweaty when I work out (crazy I know). I like to sit near a fan so that all my sweat evaporates before it has a chance to get in my eyes or drip on the floor. But I didn’t have a choice…

Not my best looking picture…Glad it was too early for anyone else to be in there!


I really like to use cycle as a way to burn a lot of calories in not much time

I know that heart rate monitors can be wildly inaccurate at times but I was huffing and puffing during this workout!

“You can go hard or you can go home.” T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) by 




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