There’s an app for that

I finally have a smart phone! An iphone to be exact. I am not that old but growing up, I didn’t have my own cell phone…SAY WHAT?! It was the “family cell phone” that I could use if I was going somewhere. I think when I was 17 or 18 I got my own phone and it looked something like this…

Nicknamed the dinosaur when I still had this phone in college! I kicked butt at the snake game though.

Eventually I upgraded to the pink razor (a few years after it originally came out). I LOVED this phone! I still have it =)

This week I got rid of this old thing (I have had this phone since 2008 or 2009)

And my new iphone is pretty awesome!

I am still learning how to get organized with it. Looking forward to trying out face time with Josh!

I am sure there are a ton of apps that I can get to help me with my running. Anyone know of some good ones? Any other ways you can use an iphone to help you stay fit?

“We must learn to balance the material wonders of technology with the spiritual demands of our human race.” -John Naisbitt 



  1. I had a Chocolate happily for years until my parents finally felt bad and bought me a BlackBerry last Christmas. I’ve just never cared too much to spend money on a phone. But now that my husband has an iPhone, I have some envy.

  2. i love the gym boss timer app! it’s free and it’s fun to use when you do tabata or circuit workouts at home 🙂 yay for iPhones! i’m an addict..not gonna lie 🙂

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