Wounded Warrior 10k

Sunday was my first race in my marathon training. I chose an “easy” 10k in Williams Square. With my knee hurting and being sick, I have not been getting many miles in. I have mostly been cross training on the elliptical and taking cycle classes. But, I was able to maintain a 10 minute/mile pace (which is my average right now). And I am proud of that considering the choices I made the night before:

Who could resist Uncle Julio’s signature Swirl??? And I have already told you how much I love queso…I could have eaten more healthfully but I was having such a good time with my husband and after all it was only 6 miles right…

5am came really early the next day, but the truth is I never sleep well the night before an event. I always wake up every hour fearing I have missed the alarm, I have nightmares that I sleep in and miss the event. It’s awful.

My sweet husband got up as well to support me and document it in pictures.

Chip Time: 1:02:39
26/113 in the female 25-29 division
322/1175 overall

“The first law of dietetics seems to be if it tastes good, it’s bad for you.” -Isaac Asimov



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