I can put together your lawn mower

This day went nothing like I had planned! Typical…

I decided to take one more day off work to get organized at home. Without Josh here, I have been slacking on chores, most of them his. And I needed to unpack and do laundry from being gone for the weekend (in DFW to see Josh and to run the Wounded Warrior 10K…more on that later).

So first thing on the list was to mow the lawn. Around here, if you let it get too high you get slapped with a $25 fine. We have it worked out with a friend (who also lives in this neighbordhood) that if she let us use her lawn mower we will take care of her yard too. Josh has been doing it for the last several weeks but he is not here now so…it’s me.

Now, I am no stranger to lawn mowing. I made a lot of money in high school and college mowing lawns. But, I am cursed. Everything gardening and lawn care I have a way of completely destroying. Lawn care machinery never likes to work properly for me. So long story short, I got our friend’s backyard mowed but then the thing crapped out on me. After checking the gas and oil and removing a vine from the blade with a knife, it still wouldn’t start. (friend, if you’re reading this I promise Josh will fix your mower…whatever the heck I did to it!)

So what is a girl to do? I found a neighbor kid and paid him $10 to mow our yard…I WISH!! I went to the store and bought our own lawn mower. Apparently, lawn mowers come in a box?? “Some assembly required”. I am a smart woman, I can do this…

3 hours, a busted up finger, a failed call to the customer service line and several curse words later I had this!

Don’t judge…It’s a rental and as I mentioned above…I have a black thumb. BUT the important thing is that I mowed the lawn and avoided the fee. The process was annoying as hell, but what annoyed me the most about the whole day is that I couldn’t get that Kelly Clarkson song out of my head…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

Just a sidenote…there are virually NO helpful videos on the internet about how to assemble a lawn mower or use any of the tools involved in the process. Someone should take care of that.

So my list for the day started like this:

I had every intention of completing most of those tasks…Just didn’t happen. BUT I can put together your lawn mower!

I did have time to give the dogs a bath.
Miri loves:

Boon hates:

If a task has once begun.
Never leave it till it’s done.
Be the labor great or small.
Do it well or not at all. -Unknown


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