National Running Day-Why I Run

Today is National Running Day! I wish I could celebrate it with a nice long run but I am still in recovery so I will just be happy with my cycle class this morning. Smiley

Obviously, everyone has different reasons for running. A lot of people run races to either win or to raise money for charities. This was one reason why I felt like I “didn’t belong” in the racing community. But I have learned that anyone can run for any reason. Here are a few of mine:

Stay fit and healthy
Test myself
Excuse to buy cute workout gear
Set goals and work toward them
Train my mind
Time to think and be alone
Runners High
Be outside
An excuse to eat more carbs
Listen to music, create fun playlists
Increase my endurance and stamina

Here are links to a few articles I have enjoyed about running:

The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo
Running for Beginners
Most Common Running Mistakes

Why do you run?

“Anybody can be a runner. We were meant to move. We were meant to run. It’s the easiest sport.”  -Bill Rodgers



  1. I love your list about why you run (especially the one about being able to eat more carbs!). I actually started really running as a trade off with my husband (I made him go to the Opera and Sephora, he made me run a half marathon!). Now, I think it is really all about achieving goals and testing my limits, but also because runners are some awesome people, and I love the camaraderie I have found!

    1. I know! The running community is such a great group of people! I know all about deals with husbands–I am currently not drinking any soda for a full year in exchange for an awesome new camera! Thanks for checking out my blog =)

  2. Great list! I run to feel strong and to feel more connected with nature, it may sound silly but living in a busy city its nice to find a trail that takes you away from the city and you can look at water, trees and squirrels! Plus its an excuse to not answer the phone for a little bit : )

      1. I’m happy I saw this, I hadn’t totally committed to running today but I will have to go out for a quick run now just because its national running day!

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