My Weekend in Pictures

I am traveling this weekend (as usual). We went to a beautiful wedding in the Houston area on Saturday. This was the view from our hotel window:

I did not pack any workout clothes on purpose. I am trying to stay off my knee and I knew if I brought my running shoes I would do just that…go running. It was really hard with such a beautiful path right outside my window.

Now I am at my parents’ house again. This morning I walked out to this lovely sight:

I have never really enjoyed swimming. At least not in my adult life. As a kid I was convinced I was Ariel from the The Little Mermaid but a lot has changed since then. The water was pretty chilly at 9am, but I swam around and did some exercises in the pool and I feel much better.  After several exercises that included treading water my muscles were burning!

When I was done I dried off and came in to the kitchen to find these:

Pretty sure that one of these has the same number of calories I burned in the pool this morning but I’m not gonna say no!

I intend to spend the rest of the day lounging in the pool, getting some sun, playing with my nephews and eating hot dogs and hamburgers.

“To many, total abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.” -Saint Augustine of Hippo


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