Don’t Freak Out!

It’s common for fitness people to freak out when they have to take some time off…me included. I have tried to learn this lesson again and again. And again and again, I freak out every time I have to quit exercising for a bit. It’s fascinating really, how the mind can trick you. How when I am exercising I look in the mirror and say, ok…yeah I like that. And when I’m not I say EEW! That’s hideous. Even though nothing has changed. I am examining the exact same body that was there before.

The last thing I want to do at the end of a week when I have not been able to work out is get on the scale. However, that is exactly what I did this morning. To prove a point to myself.

All week I was battling with irrational fears. I am getting fat, I am losing my stamina, I am getting flabby, blah blah blah…

(By the way, recent studies show that there is little reduction in VO2 max for the first 10 days following inactivity in well-trained athletes. Assuming you are a decently trained runner, having trained consistently for a 4-6 month period. Beginner runners will lose fitness at a slightly faster rate since they have a smaller base of fitness.)

Notheless, when I stepped on the scale this morning I was nervous. I was afraid. But when I saw the number I realized, yet again, that all the worrying was a waste of time.

I, in fact, lost .9 lbs. Without exercise.

I don’t why I freak out every time…because there is no disaster to be afraid of. I guess it’s because I am a control freak. I like to think that I can manipulate these things but the truth is, weight loss/maintenance is an art, not a science. No matter how hard I try to track every calorie and carb, my body will react differently each time. There are a lot of outside factors I cannot control. So I need to loosen up and quit freaking out and being so hard on myself. Imagine what I could have accomplished this week if I had focused all that energy I spent worrying about gaining a pound on something more productive…

“When you consider yourself valuable you will take care of yourself in all ways that are necessary.” –M. Scott Peck



  1. I noticed you followed my blog today and I decided to check out yours! Seems like we are both young females looking to complete our first marathon! Your wii shot cracked me up! I haven’t been on mine in a while. You’ve inspired a few new blog posts in my future (I have a million ideas, and no time!). And I can definitely relate to the “battling with irrational fears” part. So good luck and I will be sure to drop in once in a while to see how you are doing!

    1. Great! I kinda started the blog for me to just get some stuff out but it has really turned in to a great way to share stories and ideas with others! Thanks for checking me out! I am looking forward to keeping up with your posts as well!

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