Running is my cocaine

I remember the first time I got an endorphin high from running. I wasn’t even expecting to run that night, I hadn’t been running at all really. It was when I first started trying to lose weight and I was headed for a walk but I just decided to start running. It was really slow and I did the run/walk method but it felt so good! After I was done, I was really proud of myself and I just couldn’t wait to do it again! I got up and did the same thing the next morning and I have been running ever since.

From what I’ve heard, (and I have very little information about the drug world) the first time you take cocaine is the best. After that, you are just trying to get that first-time high again. In many ways, I relate running to this (minus the cardiac arrest, deviated septum and hallucinations caused by cocaine). I am talking about my search for the runner’s high.

I am really sensitive and I find that little things affect me on my runs. Temperature, bugs, music, other people around me, clothing, my hair, ipod case, etc. etc. If any outside distraction is present, I have a hard time getting into what I call my zoneMy zone is what I am continuously in search of though…it is where I can experience runner’s high. In my zone, my ipod is reading my mind and playing the perfect song at just the right time, my hair is not in my face, the wind is not too strong but just enough to keep me cool, no bugs are flying into my sweat, my clothes are not too tight or too lose, and I am running smoothly in a rhythm (not like a lopsided chicken). The only thing I am thinking about is how awesome the run is.

It does not happen every time. But it is what keeps me running. The hope that the conditions will be just right for me to get the endorphin high that I seek. What I am learning is that I have the power to get to my zone whenever I want. My mind can overcome the minuscule distractions and take me there, if I would get out of the way and just let it.


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