Lost without my ipod

When I first started getting into working out (years ago), I would just listen to whatever my favorite songs were at the time. I could go from Jewel to Muse to Cake in one workout. When I started getting serious about running last year, I found that I was craving a different kind of music. Now I can only listen to upbeat rap and pop while I am running. Once I put a song on my running playlist, I stop listening to it anywhere else. If it comes on in the car I turn the station. This way, it helps my mind view these songs as “running songs”. It has helped a lot with motivation. Occasionally, I will hear one of my running songs in a restaurant or club or something and I get this overwhelming urge to just take off running!

However, it can be time consuming scouring itunes and the weekly charts for new music all the time but I think the motivation and distraction a good song can provide are definitely worth the trouble. Some people don’t believe in listening to music while they run. Maybe one day I can get there but today is not that day.

I always appreciate finding people who share their playlists online so I decided to share mine today. (If you are not a big pop or rap person, you will hate my playlist)


Lindsays Running Playlist

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.” -E.Y. Harburg



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