I was lucky enough to spend time with my beautiful nephews this weekend. In my everyday life, I can get wrapped up in my routine. The need to stick to the routine can be quite consuming. But when I get to go home and visit my family, I just feel so free. I still run when I’m there but I just seem to let up on myself when I’m with my family. This is such a wonderful feeling. I am so very blessed to have people in my family who love me no matter how many miles I run or pounds I’ve lost. I feel this the most with my nephews. They are just such sweet children and they love me no matter what.

I am looking forward to the day when my husband and I are ready to start our family but I am also very glad that we have had so much time together. Time that we have spent focusing on ourselves and our own goals, educational, professional and personal. I know that we will keep a healthy lifestyle even after we have children but I also know that the time I have to devote to fitness right now probably won’t be there. Not without neglecting precious time with my kids. When I get to see my sweet baby nephews, everything else just doesn’t seem so important anymore.

“Having a place to go – is a home.  Having someone to love – is a family.  Having both – is a blessing.”  -Donna Hedges


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