Lacing up the Tennies

I can still remember my mom taking me and my sister to the mall the week before school started to pick out new clothes for the year. Back then, I didn’t care much for clothes. I was a tomboy so shorts and a t-shirt every day were just fine with me. But I did get excited when we got to Footlocker! I would scan the displays like I was in a candy store waiting for a pair to pop out. Whichever pair looked the coolest was the one I took home. Then I would wear that shoe every day for the whole year.

Things are so different now! While I still enjoy getting a new pair of shoes, the process is much more frustrating. Since becoming a serious runner, I have had to do some research about how to pick the right pair of  running shoes. Luckily for me, my husband knows how to spot pronation. Unluckily for him, I now make him come with me to buy new running shoes. =) The shoes I have now are pretty good. They took a while to break in so I wanted to try something different for my next shoe. After trying on, walking in, and running in over 10 potential pairs, I eventually decided that the shoe I have now is just fine. So we bought 2 pairs! I should be good for a while!

“The marathon is an art; the marathoner is an artist.” – Kiyoshi Nakamura


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