This is the last month before my husband leaves for 10 weeks. He will be living 4 hours away on a physical therapy clinical. In order to spend more time with him, and less time working out, I decided to revisit my Insanity DVDs as cross training. I did one this morning…ouch! It has definitely been a while! High-impact interval training is not for everyone, but I personally love it. As Chalean Johnson says “Your workouts don’t have to be long, if you’re willing to go intense”. They say interval training helps you burn more calories throughout the day than if you were to just exercise at a steady heart rate level for the same amount of time. Plus, it improves the cardiovascular system which will only help me run longer and faster. My husband happened to be around this morning while I was working out so I asked him to document my hard work!


If you look cute after your workout…you’re not doing it right!


“The stronger you get, the better you feel….DIG DEEPER!” – Shaun T



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